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Festival Kanal 2010


ART2WORK is driven by a passion – the passion for a creative city in which everyone has a chance and innovation arises from wide-ranging collaboration.
A creative city is powered by the vitality of its inhabitants, who live and work together.
Inhabitants who learn from each other in order to go further.

ART2WORK aims to offer numerous young adults in Brussels the chance to take a different approach to looking for ‘work’ and to develop into the ‘directors’ of their own lives.


By giving people a chance to talk about themselves, share about times when they have fallen down and picked themselves up again, tell of their fighting spirit and their desire to get somewhere;
By developing a customised approach in which people can fulfil their ambitions;
By developing a programme that complements what is already available;
By introducing various pathways that allow each individual to gain suitable work experience, by supporting both the young adults concerned and the organisations/companies where they work, by offering co-working positions, and by developing art projects;
By creating ‘spaces’ where people can meet and various kinds of collaboration can take shape.

By 2020, ART2WORK aims to be a new centre of expertise and a laboratory for occupational training and career guidance for young adults, a place of ongoing research into innovative practices to improve skills exchange opportunities for young adults, where resources are used to achieve greater social mobility.