New since 2020 !

READY2START is mainly aimed at young people in the neighbourhoods around the canal and the Porte de Ninove (Molenbeek, Anderlecht, Brussels-City).

READY2START wants to ensure that as many of these young people as possible have access to our offer or to the offer of a partner.

READY2START creates confidence and wants to trigger young people to overcome the fear of failure and define their life project.

We set up small trips, in close collaboration with local actors, which last one week, with activities (sports, creative) in order to strengthen self-confidence. Workshops that will allow people to put words to their frustrations, to confront their fears and to free themselves from the gaze of others.

READY2START lays the foundations for each person's life project. We guide young people in a process of personal fulfilment, where each young person is the actor of his own change.

Then contact SOFYAN Dahmani. 
0484 92 63 31

READY2START is made possible by special support from the Flemish Government and the European Union