prepare and orientate

READY2START is mainly aimed at young people in the neighbourhoods around the canal and the Porte de Ninove (Molenbeek, Anderlecht, Brussels-City). We want to ensure that as many of these young people as possible have access to our offer or that of a partner. This is why we are developing strong partnerships with many social workers. Each of them brings his or her expertise to the table in order to foster a win-win situation. Together we look for the best solutions for each young person.

READY2START creates a framework of trust with young people through individual and collective support. We prepare them step by step to take the first steps, either towards our offer or towards that of a partner. We help them to overcome some of their fears, to express their frustrations, to strengthen their self-confidence and to start thinking about a life project.

Contact SOFYAN Dahmani. 
0484 92 63 31

READY2START is made possible by special support from the Flemish Government and the European Union