Collecting, sharing and creating stories.

Collecting inspiring, exciting, unexpected and revealing stories, capturing moments when a new direction is taken, an opportunity is seized or an ambition is achieved.
Stories of passion, imagination, pride, enthusiasm, faith, emotion, desire, motivation, challenges, perseverance, the refusal to give up.
Stories about finding the motivation to keep going.
Stories about success and failure, about falling down and picking yourself up again.
Stories that inspire and reveal.
Stories in which you learn about others – and about yourself.

Sharing stories that broaden horizons.
Stories rooted in the realities of city life.
Stories that tell of a lively, bustling city.
Stories that get people talking.
Stories that find their way from a New York bar to a Congolese café.

Making up new stories...
New stories that could lead to a play, the publication of a book, an art installation...
New stories shaped by one or more artists into unusual artistic productions.
Productions that have an impact on and engage the participants in the coaching programme.
Productions that have an impact on the general public, revealing the richness of Brussels life in new ways.

We are looking for partners to bring these stories to life!
Have you been touched by a story?
Would you like to work with people’s life stories?
Would you like to write a new story based on your own practical experience?
Do you have premises that could host an artistic production?
Would you like to give such productions a place in your activity programme?
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