dare and expand

NEDERLANDS2START was launched in January 2022.
The program develops a language policy within ART2WORK, its different support routes and with its participants. We push to dare and to launch ourselves, to make mistakes, to try again, to improve, to widen our possibilities.

Within DIRECT2START and COACH2START, the focus is on raising awareness and promoting Dutch to participants. This is currently done through cooking workshops in Dutch and the use of a city trail game created by Het Huis van het Nederlands Brussel.

Within TECHNICS2START, the objective is to enable participants to function as independently as possible in a Dutch-speaking context. Working on perfect pronunciation or perfect sentence constructions is not a priority here. We create communication strategies with the young person to facilitate comprehension and expression, and to gradually reduce certain fears and disgust that they might have for this language.

the programme ?
• tailor-made and integrated into the TECHNICS2STARTDIRECT2STARTCOACH2START et JOB2START: individual and group workshops, company visits, ... 
• discover, together with others, that Dutch is not so scary after all
• discover that with a little courage you can learn and move forward
• learn to find and understand Dutch-speaking job offers

NEDERLANDS2START was launched in January 2022
NEDERLANDS2START implements a 'language policy' that enables people to get on in life.
NEDERLANDS2STAR is realised in close cooperation with the Huis van het Nederlands and in partnership with the VDAB-Brussel and the Kaaitheater, which give the project extra wings.

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