A big START in late 2016!

The fourth floor of the MALT HOUSE is almost ready. Casablanco will complete the interior work in July. Recyclart Fabrik has started constructing divider shelving units. L’Escaut Architectures shows us how the space will look. We also need your help, because we are still looking for second-hand furniture.

In early November, the first session of COACH2START will take place around our central kitchen. A four-week coaching course to get the participants asking themselves the right questions and moving forward – by cooking and eating together and learning from each other. Thanks are already due to our partners / ambassadors for their work of passing on the message on the ground.

When a young person from the neighbourhoods by the Brussels Canal meets a politician, what can they talk about? What can they learn from each other? JONAS, CHIRAZ, SANAA, AYOUB, SANAE and AKBAR meet DIDIER, CELINE, KARIM, BIANCA, AHMED, SARAH and SVEN. Discover their stories at ART2WORK.BE.

From October, we can also receive our first creative and artistic coworkers within OFFICE2START.
Check it out ... if you're looking for a stimulating, shared workspace and gathering place.